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This wiki is about the Fellow Adventurers Discord! The FA is complete with moderators and over 130 people! This wiki is created and run by Alison Casket.

The Server Is...

The Fellow Adventurers Discord is a Discord server devoted to the channel VenturianTale on Youtube. This group has grown from the original 6 people of the server to a whooping 150+ members! The owner, a person by the name of Jimmy, first advertised the server to a main group playing Elder Scrolls Online.

Starter's Help-guide

Small Introduction. Welcome to the Fellow Adventurer's Discord server, where people come together to be derps and dorks that fangirl/fanboy about VenturianTale. All are welcome but if you decide that you don't enjoy our rule set and are rude to people, feel very free to leave our server. To get started here you need to follow the instructions below and make extra sure to follow the rules. We are fine with people who don't feel comfortable talking or don't want to but we also love people who want to get out there and show yourself. Every person gets a chance to hang out on the server. If a mod such as Alison Casket decides to DM you she/he probably only wants to know what website you came from or even just wants to say hello and meet you. The voice and text chats are ordered for use though most of the time everyone gathers in one voice chat to talk.

Every new person to the Discord is always a bit confused when they first join. To start off, if you find yourself without permission to speak, DM the first mod on the online list with a green or red name. If that moderator does not respond, DM another.

Rules and expectations. The server has a rules chat with all of the rules the moderators have put in place for the happiness and safety of all of the people on the server. If you do not follow rules, you will first be given the role "Bad Nugget" meaning you can not speak in the text or voice chats. You will be given permissions to speak when the moderators deem fit. If you find a punishment unfair consult a mod to talk about it. If you make a major violation you will be kicked, usually with a warning before it happens.

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