Huey515 is a very active FA Discord member. After joining on August 13th, he skyrocketed up the rankings on Mee6. He is usually part of Alie's nighttime talks about the internet and emotional things.


Huey is one of the more quiet members on the server. He talks in the text chats a lot, usually online all day, every day. But when it comes to voice chats he doesn't really talk that much, but he's always listening (Always). When he first joined the server almost a year ago he was a shy, reserved person, and while he is still really shy and reserved he's gotten much more used to how the server works and he now calls some of the server members and mods his friends and wants to meet then IRL one day. He just wants to fit in but he doesn't think he does a very good job at doing it. Huey thinks that since he doesn't talk that much that almost everyone finds it kind of awkward to be around him. (Although this may or may not be true, he's not really sure) Huey may be a shy person both on Discord and in real life, but if anyone needs him he'll always be there for you to talk to.


  • Huey is 21 years old
  • He is no longer in School
  • His favorite game is either Grand Theft Auto, Destiny 2, Or Guild Wars 2
  • He cries almost every night because he wants to meet his Online friends so bad but he doesn't know how long it'll take until he's able to.
  • Huey keeps forgetting to sign in.
  • Huey thinks he forgot his Password for the Wiki