Moderator and night guard of the FA Discord.

Leo was a previous moderator of the server, and joined the server due to the second last episode of the ESO Playthrough, where he was invited by Alie and Jimmy. He quickly became very active, and after a while, was invited to join the moderator ranks, where he stayed for quite a while. He left his moderator role around the end of 2017, and returned for the server's anniversary in the beginning of 2018. He was only to be a temporary mod, but was given permission to stay as moderator. Later on in 2018, he once again left moderator, and stayed partially active, and continues to be active today.

Personality Edit

Many people can say that Leo used to be very narcissistic, and often times very rude. He has changed from that state though, as he has gotten nicer. These days he is more of a troll or joker, and has been banned for playing around recently. Although, he isn't as rude as he used to be.

Activity Logs Edit

Leo has had many active, and inactive, periods throughout his time on the server. He often fought with Alie about being the most active, but after a while became more inactive. As of now, he is on more regularly, and can be found often in voice chats.

Trivia Edit

  • Leo spends time on Star Wars RP servers on GMod.
  • He has a love for BTS unrivaled on the server.
  • he like jam